If We Don't Collect, We Don't Get Paid
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About Specified Credit Association
Since 1994, founder Michael Varady of Specified Credit Association, has been a leader in the operaton and success of the Agency. Michael's dedication to his customers and employees make Specified Credit Association the best company to work for you. There is absolutely no way to match the advantage of a collection agency that is part of the credit reporting industry, the legal community and nationally recognized. Specified Credit Association began with the purpose of assisting local businesses in recovering and managing their outstanding accounts receivable. SCA has realized an increased demand from our clients for more comprehensive services designed to (a) reduce costs, (b) increase operational efficiency and cash flow, and (c) reduce bad debt write-off and days outstanding. Through investments in technology, staff education, and highly selective recruiting, SCA has been able to offer an improved level of services that our clients demand.

Many businesses will give up or write off their debts while others feel that pursuing collections is not worth their time. The accounts they are able to collect are often offset by time wasted, Specified Credit has streamlined the account submission process in order to make it easier, we understand that you are a busy individual or business, and we strive to make the process quick and easy so you can get back to doing more important things. Whether you apply online or over the phone, our experienced staff will do everything we can to make the process enjoyable for you.
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